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Admission Procedure

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  1. Parents will initially collect the Admission form from the School Office on the payment of requisite fee.
  1. Parents should submit the filled in form within the given date and collect an admit card for the evaluation of their child.
  1. During the submission of the Admission form, parents must submit the Birth Certificate from Municipality / Union Council / Clinic / Hospital Vaccination Card, three photographs of the applicant, photocopy of the last examination’s report card and other documents mentioned in the Admission form.
  1. Except for the admission in Play Group all other Applicant must face an evaluation test given on the date on admit card.
  1. Parents (Father and Mother) must be present on the date of evaluation of their child.
  1. Applicant approved for admission will be notified within short time (Possibly on the same date).
  1. Applicant eligible for admission will be asked to collect main Admission form and Students Hand book from the school office on the payment of requisite fee. Applicant should submit the completely filled in and properly signed form along with the required documents on working day.
  1. The name of the applicant will be registered during the issue of Application form.
  1. Re-registration of old students should be completed by the last week of June each year.
  1. Registration of new students should be completed by the first week of July each year.
  1. In exceptional cases, application for new admission into any class during any time of the year will be under special consideration by the School Authority.
  1. New admission is considered on the basis of previous school record and the result of the evaluation tests.
  1. Parents/Guardians are requested not to ask any special favour for admitting their children into certain classes. ‘First come, first served’ will be the basis of our admission policy for new students.