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Mission and Vision

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Mission and Vision:

Dinajpur School of LIBERATORS, an English Medium School welcomes and encourages diversity in the school community and seeks to provide an environment which supports students, regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnic background. Immerse a child in an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, challenge and vigor created by the educators and students, so that ethically, mentally and physically sound liberators are crafted who will bring cultural, economical, political liberty for the nation. Dinajpur School of LIBERATORS is a co-educational school, follows Cambridge International Examination Board’s curriculum.       Dinajpur School of LIBERATORS intend to equip a student with the following abilities:        
  • 1. Subjective Knowledge should be vast
  • 2. Cultured by doing cultural activity
  • 3. Mentally strong
  • 4. Physically strong
  • 5. Skilled at least in one game
  • 6. Ethically sound
  • 7. Well mannered
  • 8. Well groomed
  • 9. Humane
  • 10. Responsible personally and Socially
  • 11. A patriot, loyal to his country
  And to do so aside regular academic classes school ensures regular library, science laboratory, computer laboratory, public speaking, general knowledge and current affair classes. One club from the clubs like drama, debate, arts and crafts, music and science activity twice a week is a must; evaluation of the club is given with the term end card. Ample chances to play games are there for all the students. Students perform social work so that they become responsible about society. Various national and international days are observed within or out of school that make them aware about various incidence or issues.     Students are encouraged and coached to participate competitions like olympiads, debate, science fair, various cultural activities.